četvrtak, 12. siječnja 2012.

Three monkeys in Sarajevo, (and other parts of BiH & Europe)

The very first performance "Three monkeys", was performed two days before National elections in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Members of the group,  went trough Sarajevo painted as funny looking monkeys. In B&H political system there are three Presidents. Color crew trough theirs faces and bodies expressions showed ironic situation in which our country is.
As they were walking throught Downtown, random public recognized point of the Performance and they recognized conditionally speaking - funny situation in which our country and people are.

The performance was re performed in other cities of B&H. As in others countries, too. The situation of "Three monkeys" who eats bananas and don't care much about public can be placed in almost any system of living beings. There is always crowd of big "Primates" who take advantage of others "small species".  

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