četvrtak, 29. studenoga 2012.

Ugrijmo muzej! (2012)

In January 2012., Historical Museum (Museum of Revolution) had 7 days action named "Ugrijmo muzej"( Warm ourselves Museum). Color Crew took part in that action, making re:action on situation in Museum (Museum doesn't have any heating since 1992. It also posses  big collection of art works from Bosnia&Herzegovina long history. Art works are placed in depot, and in our country - temporary, nobody takes response for that situation).

At the performance, members of CC were reading periodically 101 name of artists whose art works are now placed in Depot. As the projections of artist's artworks were on their bodies.

external links: http://www.depo.ba/depo-art/udi-i-ugrij-muzej

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